Add, Edit, Delete of Authorized numbers

Authorized numbers are used for automatic authorization in different services: CallBack, Calling Card, Mobile Divert, SMS remote management etc.

Add, Edit, Delete of Authorized numbers

Login to personal account

Login to personal account

My numbers

click My numbers

Authorized Numbers (CID)

click Authorized Numbers (CID)

Authorized Numbers (CID)

The Authorized Numbers (CID) which are used for automatic authorization

For add Authorized Numbers (CID)

Authorize new number

click Authorize new number

enter your phone number

enter one phone number in the international format without the + (example 420233374100, 74952502225, 442072292666, 12022985700)

Place Call

click Place Call for registration landline number

Send SMS

click Send SMS for registration mobile number

enter received PinCode


click Confirm for accept registration new number,


click Close

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click CTDID in front of your number from which you plan to call

For delete Authorized Numbers (CID)


click Delete


click Yes for confirm delete