Call Divert via IVR (voice menu) via WWW

Login to personal account

Login to personal account

My Numbers

click My Numbers

click My DID individually for each DID number.

click Edit in front of number which need to activate voice menu (IVR)

In section My DID available functions:

Voice Menu

select Voice Menu – allows to setup the IVR and navigation in voice menu

Record voice menu via external phone


click Record for record voice menu via phone

phone number

enter external phone number (example: 1210550003) or VoIP line of OPTIROAM (example: 0550003)

click Place Call for call to the number and to record voice menu

Upload a ready file of voice menu


click Upload

voice file must must be with these parameters

voice file must must be with these parameters (example: software WavePad Audio Editing Software)

click Choose File and select voice file from the local computer


click Upload

click Play for testing voice

After when voice is ready

digit from 0 to 9

enter Digit from 0 to 9 after clicking on which will be executed rule Call Divert

enter Phone number for Call Divert to external mobile or landline numbers, only digits can be used (without +, spaces and dashes, example: 1210550003) or enter VoIP line number for Call Divert to SIP device which connected to the SIP line OPTIROAM (example: 0550003)

additionally, can activate the default rule, main VoIP line or external SIP service or Skype or any landline and mobile number


click Modify after all changes

For disable voice menu

Use Global Divert

mark Use Global Divert


click Modify

Ringing Scenario

or select Ringing Scenario